A World of Opportunity
If your business involves waterborne commerce, there is a world of opportunities for you in the Plaquemines Port. About 20 miles south of the Port of New Orleans and hours closer to the open water of the Gulf of Mexico, the Plaquemines Port serves as the gateway to the largest port system in the world. If your business could benefit from barge or rail access to the eastern half of the United States, close proximity to Latin American ports and the Panama Canal, or a base of operations for a fleet of oilfield supply vessels, opportunities abound along the fertile banks of the lower Mississippi River.
Strategically located at the mouth of the 19,000 mile Mississippi River System and the energy rich Gulf of Mexico, Plaquemines is consistently ranked among the top ports in the country. Though impressive, this ranking gives only a hint of the Port's true potential. With over 100 miles of deep draft (45 ft. minimum) access and the closest terminals to open water on the Mississippi, Plaquemines is perfectly positioned to serve the expanding global market of gain, coal, chemicals, oil and gas. Fourteen major anchorages and thousands of acres of undeveloped land provide limitless potential for onshore or midstream facilities.
Within the next five years, as much as 30 percent of the country's total domestic output for oil and gas may originate from the Gulf of Mexico. With major heliports, an extensive petroleum infrastructure, a large pipeline network, storage facilities and both deep and shallow draft wharfage, Venice is a primary location for support and supplies to the Central Gulf.
When these natural advantages are combined with a low tax base, fair tariffs, and able work force and a pro-business attitude by the government...
Plaquemines Port presents a World of Opportunities.
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