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Plaquemines Parish Civil Service  – Port job opportunities and forms       

Associated Branch Pilots – Captain Michael T.D. Miller, President
The Associated Branch Pilots (Bar Pilots) for the Port of New Orleans is an association of professional pilots who guide ocean-going vessels of all sizes and descriptions from the Gulf of Mexico through the narrow channels of Southwest Pass and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

Crescent River Port Pilot’s Association – E. Michael Bopp, President
Since 1908, the Crescent River Port Pilots have been safely and efficiently piloting ships up and down the 106 miles of the Mississippi River between Pilottown and New Orleans. The Crescent Pilots use their knowledge of local waters and port conditions, and their experience as professional pilots to move a wide range of vessels ranging from oil tankers to cruise ships.

Plaquemines Medical Center – Plaquemines Medical Center understands the importance of providing prompt and efficient delivery of emergency and routine care, primary healthcare services, and pre-employment physicals.

Ports Association of Louisiana – Drew M. Heaphy, President and Executive Director, St. Bernard Port Harbor & Terminal District
Louisiana is a maritime state and its ports impact every parish. Ports connect and enhance major industries, such as oil and gas, agriculture, and petrochemical, along with manufacturers to reach global markets. In turn, ports enhance Louisiana’s economy, with more than $182 billion in economic output.

U. S. Coast Guard – Admiral Linda L. Fagan, Commandant of the Coast Guard
The Coast Guard is Semper Paratus, “Always Ready” and we are committed to current and future readiness. We seek the best people, modern technology, resilient infrastructure and capable assets to meet the nation’s needs. Every active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary member plays an integral role in mission execution.

Venice Port Complex – George Pivach, II, Vice President and General Counsel
For over 60 years, Venice, Louisiana has played a critical role in developing and servicing some of the most prolific energy properties in the Gulf of Mexico and has long established itself as a major hub for the energy industry. The Venice Port Complex is part of a 1500 acre parcel of land at the end of Louisiana State Hwy. 23 and is only minutes from the Gulf of Mexico via Tiger Pass, Baptiste Collette Bayou, South Pass or the Mississippi River.

Army Corps of Engineers local district – Colonel Cullen A. Jones – New Orleans District Commander
The mission of the Army Corps of Engineers is to advance the Nation’s interests by delivering vital engineering services, in collaboration with our partners, for flood, hurricane and storm damage risk reduction; navigation; ecosystem stewardship; emergency operations; and support to National Security.

Venture Global – Robert Pender and Michael Sabel, Co-CEOs, Co-Chairmans, and Founders
We are a long-term, low-cost provider of American-produced liquefied natural gas. Our two Louisiana-based export projects service the global demand for North American natural gas and support the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies.

Tallgrass Energy – William R. Moler, CEO
A growth-oriented midstream energy company, transporting crude oil and natural gas from some of the nation’s most prolific basins in the Rocky Mountains, Upper Midwest and Appalachian regions with access to major demand markets in the Rockies, the Midwest, eastern Ohio and points beyond. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve built a strong portfolio of integrated transportation, storage, terminal, water management, gathering, processing and treating assets to support our customers, increase value and deliver pace-setting shareholder returns.

World Trade Center New Orleans – J. Edwin Webb, CEO
The mission of the World Trade Center of New Orleans is to create jobs and wealth in Louisiana through international trade, economic development, and allied activities. We do so by supporting a prosperous international business climate in Louisiana through education, connection, and advocacy efforts that result in the recruitment, retention, and expansion of Louisiana-based international businesses. Through these and other initiatives, the World Trade Center of New Orleans serves as a catalyst in furthering Louisiana’s trade with other countries and bringing together international buyers and sellers to generate new business.

Plaquemines Parish Government – This site provides a wealth of resources for all Plaquemine Parish residents.

Plaquemines Parish Assessor’s Office – Belinda Hazel, Plaquemines Parish Assessor
The Assessor’s office oversees the assessment of properties within Plaquemines Parish for property tax purposes.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office – Gerald A. Turlich, Jr., Sheriff
Located in southeastern Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish is south of the New Orleans metropolitan area and stretches approximately 80 miles to the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River. Covering over 2,567 square miles on the east and west bank of the river with a population of over 23,000 residents, PPSO utilizes the Criminal Patrol Division, Marine Division, and Aviation Unit to effectively provide assistance and enforce Louisiana law.

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