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Applications received after the Final Filing Date specified on the announcement will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted on official application forms and must be filed in an Application Office before the close of business on the Final Filing Date.

All qualification requirements for examinations must be met by the Final Filing Date. However, the Civil Service Department may admit applicants to examinations conditionally in certain instances with the provision that the missing qualification shall be established prior to certification for employment.

The Civil Service Department shall not be responsible for failure of the Department to receive any material mailed by an applicant nor for failure of an applicant to receive any material mailed by the Department.

Applications for examinations shall be open to all persons irrespective of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability. However, applicants who are residents of Plaquemines Parish shall be accorded over non-residents.

The Civil Service Department does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission of access to or treatment or employment in its programs or activities. Reasonable accommodations will be made for anyone requesting such accommodations.

Unless otherwise stated on the front of this announcement, there shall be no maximum age limit for admission to examinations. The minimum age limit shall be eighteen (18) years of age for any class of work in the Parish service requiring hard physical labor, operation of or proximity to hazardous machinery, exposure to hazardous chemicals or participation in any other processes or procedures which are prohibited or limited by the Louisiana State Child Labor Law.

The starting salary for this position is stated on the front side of this Job Announcement. All appointments in the classified service shall be made at the minimum rate or such other starting rate specifically authorized by the Commission. In cases where the applicant possesses exceptional qualifications directly related to the classification to which the applicant will be appointed, the Appointing Authority can recommend to the Director that the applicant be assigned up to step 15 for that class, not in excess of the midpoint for that range. Approval is required by the Director before the appointment becomes effective.

Plaquemines Parish Government pays all classified employees bi-weekly. Employees’ must have their pay directly deposited to their bank account(s). Employees’ payroll check stubs are mailed to the employee’s current address on file with the Civil Service Department.

The working test/probationary period for all positions shall be six months, unless otherwise stated on the front of this announcement. However, any six-month working test/probationary period may be extended for a maximum of six additional months in accordance with the Civil Service Rules.

Any applicant may be disqualified if the applicant’s past employment record is unsatisfactory as determined by the Civil Service Department.
Veteran Preference in examinations will be granted only to those persons who provide proof of military service during covered periods and who are found to be eligible.

If selected, as a condition of employment, applicants shall be required to satisfactorily participate in a post-offer medical examination which shall include drug testing.

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