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Port Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners of the Plaquemines Port Harbor and Terminal District governs the Port of Plaquemines. The Board sets policies and regulates tariffs and governs operations of the Plaquemines Port.

The Board is made up of nine commissioners who are also the elected council members of Plaquemines Parish. They serve four-year terms and are limited to serving two terms on the parish council, hence, are also subject to two terms or eight years on the Port Commission. Commissioners receive no additional compensation above their council salaries to serve on Port’s governing board.

John Barthelemy

Port Commissioner
District 1

Beau Black

Port Commissioner
District 2

Corey Arbourgh

Port Commissioner
District 3

Dr. Stuart Guey

Port Commissioner
District 4

Benny Rousselle

Port Commissioner
District 5

Trudy Newberry

Port Vice Chairman
District 6

Carlton LaFrance

Port Commissioner
District 7

Richie Blink

Port Chairman
District 8

Mark “Hobbo” Cognevich

Port Commissioner
District 9


Maynard Jackson (Sandy) Sanders

Executive Director

Paul Matthews

Deputy Port Director

Christie Nielsen

Port Director of Administration

Donald Durr

Director of Port Security & Vessels

Chambrel Williams

Director of Finance

Erica Brown

Senior Accountant

Karon Morin

Senior Clerk II / Workflow Coordinator

Roxann Picou

Clerk III

Brenda Lally

Accounting Clerk

Melissa Morel

Clerk III

Danielle Rollo

Clerk III

Harrolynn Sherman


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