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About Us

Plaquemines Port is proud to serve as a logistics distribution center to the heartland of America.

Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, our port provides water access to 33 states – allowing businesses to benefit from barge, rail and interstate highway access across much of the United States. Plaquemines Port is perfectly positioned to serve the expanding global markets for oil & gas, grain, coal, chemicals and more. In addition, our port offers 14 major anchorages and thousands of acres of properties available for development of container ports, bulk & break bulk operations, docks and much more.

A Prime Location

Strategically located approximately 20 miles south of the Port of New Orleans and adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, Plaquemines Port is consistently ranked among the top ports in the country. Featuring more than 80 miles of deep draft access (50 ft. minimum), our port also offers the closest terminals to open water on the Mississippi. In addition, Plaquemines Port is within close proximity of Latin American ports and the Panama Canal to help facilitate waterborne commerce.

fire fighting vessel

The Venice Advantage

Located within the Plaquemines district, Venice is a prime location for support of oil & gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the closest energy port to the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Featuring major heliports, an extensive petroleum infrastructure, a large pipeline network, storage facilities & both deep and shallow draft wharfage, Venice is also an ideal base of operations for fleets of oilfield supply vessels.

More Benefits For Businesses

In addition to many geographical and natural advantages, Plaquemines Port offers a number of benefits for businesses including a low tax base, fair tariffs, an able workforce and a pro-business government.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our property development opportunities, port services and abundant resources.

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