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Plaquemines Port imposes tariff charges on ships, vessels, boats, barges, wharves and facilities. Every effort has been made to have Port District services, costs and expenses shared as equally as possible among the various users of Plaquemines Port.

Harbor Fee

**Maximum harbor fees may apply. Please see full body text Tariff.

  • 16′ and under 100′ in length  –  $11.04 Per Day
  • 250’ and under 500’ in Length  –  $66.30 Per Day
  • 100’ and under 250’ in Length   –   $22.08 Per Day
  • 500’ and over in Length  –  $165.81 Per Day
Supplemental Harbor Fee

**Additional Supplemental fees may apply. Please see full body text Tariff.

Ocean Vessels

  • Non-Liquid
  • Liquid

$0.0551/per ton

$0.0109/per barrel

Inland Vessels and Barges

  • Non-Liquid
  • Liquid

$0.01623/per ton

$0.0109/per barrel


  • Non-Liquid
  • Liquid

$0.01623/per ton

$0.0028/per barrel

Midstream Without Prior Approval

  • Non-Liquid
  • Liquid

$1.53 /per ton

$0.2112/per barrel

Security Fee

Vessels and barges – ten and seventy-two hundredth (10.72%) percent of the total dockage assessed per Port call; cargo (to be billed to the party paying wharfage).

  • Break Bulk

$0.23 per ton (23 cents/ton)

  • Dry Bulk

$0.05 per ton (5 cents/ton)

  • Liquid Bulk

$0.05 per barrel (5 cents/barrel)

  • Containers

$4.73 per box (4 dollars seventy-three cents/box)

  • Rail Cars

$2.10 per loaded or empty car

  • Passengers

$1.06 per person (1 dollar six cents/passenger)

  • Vehicles

$1.06 per vehicle (1 dollar six cents/vehicle)

Tariff Reporting Forms

An Agency of the State of Louisiana For the development and operation of the Harbor District

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