The history of Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District begins with the settlement of La Balize in 1699.  The settlement of La Balize was located near present day Pilottown just upriver from the Head of Passes of the Mississippi River.  La Balize consisted of a French fort and settlement established 19 years before the establishment of New Orleans.  Inhabited by hunters and fishers many of whom served as pilots for ships, a tradition still carried on today by various pilot associations.

The word “plaquemine” is French Creole derived from the Atakapa Native American word, “piakimin”, for persimmon, an orange colored fruit resembling a plum which is nearly inedible due to the extreme sourness until it is ripe.

Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District was established as an Agency of the State of Louisiana by the Louisiana Legislature in 1954 by Act No. 567.  The territorial jurisdiction of Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District is coextensive with the parish of Plaquemines, Louisiana.  The Plaquemines Parish Council is empowered through the 1974 Constitution of Louisiana (R.S. 34:1351-1365) and the Plaquemines Parish Home Rule Charter Section 4.01, A (27): Legislative Powers, as the sole governing authority of the Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District.


The Plaquemines Parish Council serves as the local government, and as the Port Board, a characteristic not found in other port jurisdictions.  The Parish Council conducts Port business under a separate meeting, as the Port Board of the Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District, with members of the Council/Board elected as Port Chairman, and Vice Chairman.  Two other members of the Council are chosen by the full Parish Council to serve as members of the Port Committee, which make recommendations to the full Port Board for consideration.


From our humble beginnings, Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District has grown into one of the 15 busiest ports in the United States in terms of tonnage.  In 2010, Plaquemines Port Harbor & Terminal District moved over 53 million tons of cargo to points worldwide.


Plaquemines Port, Harbor and Terminal District
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